Stuck Working With Large Files?

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Sometimes you have to work with massive files, which contain tens or hundreds of pages. Consequently, they will have a larger size. What's more, they cannot be easily opened, navigated or sent. It creates a real inconvenience while working with them. This is why you need our PDF editor. Using it allows you to easily optimize your work with PDF documents. Also, it saves the quality of your files without additional compression.


How Do I Extract Pages Quickly Online?

There are many services on the Internet. Most of them offer to split pages and download files which can then be separated or archived. Accordingly, you will have to merge your PDF again. Sounds very inconvenient, doesn't it?


Altoextractpdf is the ultimate solution to this problem! Follow these instructions to quickly extract pages from your PDF:

1 Add your file which contains the pages to be extracted.

  1. You will see all the pages of your uploaded doc. Select the needed ones or enter their numbers and hit the “Extract now!” button.

2 Then wait while your doc is preparing. The whole process will take just a few seconds.

3 Choose what you want to do with the extracted pages. You can receive them on your computer by clicking "Download now". Another way is to start editing or sending using the “Save Document As”, “Edit Documents”, “Sign & Secure” and “Share” features. 

Satisfy your needs with our useful platform and be sure to come back!

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