PDF Locking Pros and Cons

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The information security does not always work when you are sharing documents via messengers or electronic mail, as well as file-sharing platforms. Those sharing channels cannot guarantee full protection and information fraud may appear. Especially, it concerns files used for work containing information that should not be disclosed to the public. Personal details, like tax payment details, social security number or medical information should also be protected. 

The best way for doing that is, undoubtedly is to lock a template with a relevant and complicated password. It helps to protect all the data from third parties. 

Protect Sensitive PDFs in Several Clicks

Processing the template online is one of the simplest ways to add an extra security layer to your document. The first important thing for making it successfully is the usage of a trustworthy solution for processing PDFs, like Alto Protect. The second point is the creation of a strong password. 


To lock a document with a perfect combination, stick to the following recommendations:

  1. Do not reuse the same password twice. Always create a new combination. 
  2. Lock docs with long passwords, having at least 12 characters. The longer the password, the harder to break it.
  3. Combine different components, using uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers. Mix them to create the combination that is uneasy to crack.
  4. Do not use dictionary combinations or personal information, proper names, etc. Also, not use letter-numeral substitutions like zero instead of “o”, as this is too obvious. 


To lock the PDF with altoprotectpdf.com service, follow this simple step-by-step tutorial:

1 Open the web platform in using your computer, tablet or mobile device.

2 Import the PDF template using inner storage. Also, you can add it from the preferable cloud storage by clicking at its logo.

3 Create a password and insert it into the input field. The system will recognize it and react to the combination quality. 

4 Save the final doc before starting another operation or page reloads. Otherwise, you will have to repeat the operation.


Those simple instructions guarantee fast, easy and secure PDF protection without any additional efforts. As a result, you get a high-quality, easy-to-process and share-locked file.

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