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Sometimes to get a document to look the exact way you want it to, you will have to use more than an editor. The use of additional tools like a PDF splitting solution is required. Unfortunately, not every solution used for template management contains a splitting feature. And although this tool may seem minor, it’s more helpful than you would expect. Splitting helps you rearrange documents, dividing them into smaller parts so they can be easily perceived and understood. 

Also, the feature is very helpful for those who want to share the information partially, not providing the whole large file. Separating one or several pages one can easily process them in further business or professional purposes. This process takes minimal time and simplifies documentation processing. 

What Service is Best for Separating Pages 

Choose the service, that is easily accessible from any device, has the easy to use interface and not overloaded with any advertisement. 

Some services have all this, but require registration, thus you are getting annoying spam messages. The best solution is the one that has anonymous doc transformation for free, like the AltoPDF platform. Using our secure split service, one can rest assured about the protection of personal data and the document, uploaded to the website. 

The solution contains a simple interface, yet having super speed and high-quality results of the transformation. Supported by detailed step-by-step instructions the service is easy to work with even for the newbies. The process of the PDF split goes on it in the following way:

1 Import your doc to the Web service. Use inner storage or click at the logo of the cloud solution you use to store your PDFs.

2 When template uploaded, select needed pages by clicking at each of their preview images or just type their numbers in the input field.

3 Submit changes, clicking at the orange button.

4 Save the newly split template to the device or cloud, or make additional changes in it using buttons on the left side of the screen. 

Using those simple four steps you will get a split document, containing only the needed information and available for certification or editing

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