How to Use a Multi-Task PDF Converter

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When dealing with various document formats, the following question usually arises: How can I get access to a multi-purpose PDF converter without having to deal with any complicated registration, email verification or paid subscriptions? The solution is a platform for PDF document management called AltoPDF. This is an open source platform, is used for converting PDF documents to different formats and vice versa. The following guide will show you how to easily manage your workflow using the AltoPDF tool.

 1 Get to the Alto Smart PDF Converter

The platform is easily accessible to anyone who needs to use it, all without any program installations or subscriptions. All you have to do is open an Internet browser on your computer, smartphone or tablet and type “AltoPDF” in the search bar. The service is at your disposal from any Internet connected device at whatever time it is convenient for you. Once you get to the homepage, you can immediately start to working. The multi-task PDF converter is divided into three sections: MANAGE PDF, CONVERT and OFFICE & PDF.

 How to Use a Multi-Task PDF Converter

2 Managing PDFs

The section MANAGE PDF is used for actions you can do to your PDF. It includes merging, rotating, splitting, compression and extraction. This means that you can upload your document to the platform either from your computer or mobile device, or from your cloud storage. You can then change it according to your needs. For example, there is an option to rotate the file, if its pages are in a wrong direction. Also, if the document is too big, you can compress it online. Other features allow you to merge multiple files into one, as well as split one file into several parts, or remove certain pages from a document.
PDF converter

3 Converting PDFs

The section titled “CONVERT” allows you to turn PNG and JPG image formats into PDF documents and vice versa. This means that you can upload any PNG or JPG image to the free online converter and receive a PDF with an image. In the same way, you can download a PDF file with an image and convert it to a PNG or JPG image.

 PDF document management

4 Using Office & PDF

The section Office & PDF is actually a PDF converter pro for Microsoft Office. Here, you can convert PDF to Powerpoint and Word and vice versa: PPT and DOCX files can be transformed into PDFs in just a few clicks. This tool also allows you to convert PDF to Excel.

 Smart PDF Converter

All AltoPDF features involve a very simple procedure:

  1. Enter the platform and select what you need to do with your document.
  2. Upload a file or multiple files from your computer or mobile device by clicking the Choose File button, dragging it and dropping it, or clicking on one of the icons – Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive – to upload it from the cloud.
  3. Click the button Convert Now!, Merge PDFs Now!, Apply Changes etc., depending on what action you’ve chosen.
  4. Wait a few seconds.
  5. Save the ready document to your device for free.

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