How to add a password to PDF file

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Basically, we need protection for business documents in DOCX and PDF formats. Analytical agencies, design institutes and other companies that deliver on information do so in a secure document format to prevent unauthorized access, distribution and fraud. In order to mitigate the risks, protect your files with passwords. 

However, password protection isn’t just for businesses. It can be useful in personal situations too, for instance, when books, training courses and consulting services are involved. Any time a PDf contains sensitive information that you don’t want getting out, it’s a good idea to protect it. 


The value of 3 levels of protection

Before authoring any material online, learn a few steps to prevent third parties from getting access to your unique content.

Save the document as PDF.

It’s highly recommended to convert any presentation, image, text file and doc to PDF format before publishing it on the Internet. Doing so ensures that your document is only seen by those it’s intended for.

Place a watermark to prevent copying and editing.

Your customized textual or image-based watermark on document pages will protect your PDF content from editing and copying. People will still be able to view the text but unable to adjust it. A watermark preserves your copyright and ownership.

Add password to PDF file.

The most common and affordable way to protect electronic documents from unauthorized access is to set a password on the PDF. Usually, your standard PDF editors like Adobe can do it for you. Just keep in mind that programs like Adobe cost money. AltoPasswordPDF is a great solution to paid software for encrypting documents. 


How to quickly set a PDF password using a web solution

Get hands-on experience with the quickest free way to password-protect PDF documents directly in your browser with AltoPasswordPDF.

  • Drag & drop a file or choose one from your device or cloud storage.
  • Wait while the platform securely uploads your doc.
  • Think of a strong password and type it in. 


  • Click Protect File Now!
  • Protect your file with 128-bit AES encryption.
  • Download the encrypted form or start the process over again.

In addition to adding passwords to PDF files, Alto gives you access to free PDF editing and electronic signature. Working with documents via web browser has honestly never been easier: change the format of your document and share it instantly and securely.


How secure is the password protection of PDFs online?

To get a better picture, imagine you just got a PDF link from a colleague. After clicking on the link you’ll be requested to enter the file’s password to view it. Without it, you won’t be able to see anything. 

AltoPasswordPDF takes great pride in having secure and reliable encryption methods. Hacking into a document locked with a well-encrypted password is no joke and not easy to do. 

How to create the most secure password

It’s pretty common knowledge that weak passwords lead to data leakage and in severe cases identity theft. So it’s better to take care of your security in advance. Create strong passwords while securing your documents. 

How can a password get cracked?

There are hundreds of types of software out there designed to crack your password. Usually, they check simple cadences like 123456, 111111, and then just substitute other symbols.

For example, good software can crack the following codes:

05071983 (date of birth) – 2-3 seconds;

3e1f5s9t0 – 3-4 days;

SD98+xW4cTY – 10-12 years.

Generate powerful passwords:

  1. Use 12 characters or more.
  2. Alternate numbers, letters, special characters.
  3. Include upper and lower case letters.
  4. Avoid data about you and your family (birthdays, anniversaries).
  5. Use a random set of letters rather than a specific word.
  6. Create a unique password for each PDF document. 
  7. Do not keep your passwords lying around or in insecure apps.

These are basic rules that you should not ignore. 

Always set passwords on PDFs that contain personal and confidential information. Protect yourself in just two clicks with AltoPasswordPDF! Try it now absolutely free!

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