E-docs vs. paper: which owns the future?

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Is it not rare, or even weird when a company today doesn’t have a website? Why is that? Because the world has moved to a digital space in almost every aspect of its activity. The majority of payments (for internet services, utilities, rent, etc.) are conducted online. People even buy regular products via the Internet instead of going to the supermarket that’s just around the corner. A logical question would be why do hard copies still exist? The article below provides a detailed overview of the issue to help you understand the situation.

Hard-copy records: pros and cons

A lot of people, especially older folks, find it more convenient to store documents as hard copies. Don’t be fooled by the fact that you can hold them. It’s only an illusion of convenience because in exchange you have to give up a lot of office space to filing cabinets, drawers and printers. Moreover, another reason why some still choose paper is that hacking is widespread and it scares a lot of people who don’t understand how fraud really works. Now, while some would say on-site documentation is safer, it’s not always the case. For example, someone could argue that if a cloud storage company every crashes you’d lose all of your information. At first that’s a true statement, but not at the same time. Big companies have many backups to protect users’ data from being lost. While documents stored on site are prone to damage (water, fire, mold, etc.) or getting lost in clutter. 

Key benefits of e-documents

In spite of the fact that hard-copy documents are still in circulation, the most recent statistical data shows that businesses are switching to electronic workflows faster and faster. Here’s a list of reasons that influence decisions:

  • Increased accuracy and efficiency

Even small businesses need to move and exchange information which includes creating and sharing instructions, updating facts, etc. Paper copies are not only impossible to track or control but also take employees’ time to fill them out and deliver them.

  • Stronger security 

Electronic documents have extra layers of security that paper documents just don’t have. With the help of specialized software tools like AltoPasswordPDF you can create passwords and secure encryption for your PDF files in just a few clicks.

  • Saved money

Try to imagine all the money a company spends on traditional paper-based workflows. Consider the paper, printing equipment, copiers, filing cabinets, and other supplies that need to be regularly stocked. Going digital saves you from wasted money and expenses on avoidable steps and processes. 

  • Enhanced customer experience

One of the most important things clients expect from a company is a good service. Process speeds play a crucial part in that. Hours, days or even weeks of waiting, not to mention lost papers, can spoil even the best of relationships with clients, customers and partners. Electronic means of doing business keeps everyone happy and workflows moving forward. 

Digital document management

Papers aren’t the only things that can be digital. In order to improve performance and increase the productivity of your company in general, business process automation tools are a useful thing to implement. airSlate is a great example – a powerful tool for business process automation. By integrating such a solution into your working processes you speed up workflows while minimizing the risk of human error. Employees get more time to focus on clients or creative tasks and automation focuses on keeping things moving.

Make sure the automation software you choose has these 5 abilities:

  • Simplicity in operation
  • Cross-platform integrations
  • Customization
  • No-code robotic process automation
  • Reasonable price


As compared to the previous century, the world has sped up significantly. Documents are an integral part of our life. By digitizing them you not only secure the sensitive data they contain but also makes it easier to work with, share and store them. Use airSlate and go paperless today.

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