A Step by Step Guide to Editing PDFs in 2019

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  1. Why is it Difficult to Edit PDF Files?
  2. Desktop PDF Editors vs Online. How they Differ
  3. Benefits of Using a Web-based PDF Editor
  4. Tips for Editing PDF Documents
  5. Edit PDF Content
  6. Organize Pages in a PDF
  7. How to Edit PDFs on a Mac
  8. How to Edit PDFs with Windows
  9. Editing a PDF in Ubuntu

1 Why is it Difficult to Edit PDF Files?

The PDF, or Portable Document Format, was primarily designed for viewing documents and sharing them between users working on various platforms. PDF documents have always had a fixed, hardware-independent layout. This enables users to view PDF files in the exact same layout, no matter whether they’re using a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Edit PDF

Editing PDFs is considered by many to be extremely difficult. But is it actually true?

Previously, users had to deal with a range of complications. For instance, filling out a PDF form would require printing it out, completing it by hand and scanning it back into digital format. Luckily, with today’s evolving technologies, these complications can be easily avoided.


2 Desktop PDF Editors vs Online. How they Differ

There’s an entire marketplace of applications out there, some of the bigger names include Adobe Acrobat and its notable alternatives that allow for paperless document management.

A downloadable app may take up space on your device while reducing its battery life. This is especially true if you’re a smartphone or tablet user. Processing PDF documents online, on the other hand, has little impact on your device’s performance.

Adobe Acrobat Alternative

Redact and submit any file in a matter of seconds directly in your browser.

Free online platforms such as AltoPDF are the best alternative to paid apps. Upload your documents to the editor and simply click on any of the tools to apply necessary changes or convert your document to a different format.



Benefits of Using a Web-based PDF Editor

  • Save time by quickly managing documents online
  • Save memory and storage space on your device
  • Web-based apps are available for both desktop and mobile devices
  • All files are securely processed in the cloud
  • Full OS compatibility: Windows, Mac, Android
  • Portability: with web-based apps, you can edit PDFs at the office, at home or even while on the go.


3 Tips for Editing PDF Documents

Open your document in the editor. Browse the toolbar and select an instrument based on whether you wish to change the structure of your document or edit its content.

Note: Most up-to-date PDF editors, such as PDFfiller, enable users to upload not only PDFs, but also documents in Word, Text or PPT format. Each document you upload is automatically converted to PDF.


Edit PDF Content

Easily work on all kinds of PDFs, even scanned or image-based and change them according to your needs. The wide range of tools allows you to get your PDFs looking exactly how you want them:

  • Add simple text fields, text boxes, sticky notes, fillable fields
  • Erase, highlight and blackout text
  • Customize text. Change text size, color, font face, alignment, etc.
  • Add images in JPG and PNG format
  • Draw on a document using your mouse, touchpad or the touchscreen of your mobile device
  • Insert various graphic objects: arrows, lines, circles, checkmarks
  • Add dropdown menus, date fields, page numbers
  • Move objects and fields and place them anywhere on a page
  • Sign documents electronically
  • Add watermarks and password-protect PDFs

Edit PDF Content


Organize Pages in a PDF

  • Add, delete or duplicate pages in a document
  • Extract pages from a PDF
  • Rotate pages
  • Rearrange pages in a document
  • Split a PDF into separate files or merge several PDFs into one

Organize Pages in a PDF


4 How to Edit PDFs on a Mac

Mac users have a the possibility to edit PDFs using Preview. Add text and comments, sign PDFs, edit images, and more:

  • Open a document in Preview and activate the Markup toolbar

How to Edit PDFs on a Mac

  • Click Text to add a text field or text box
  • Click the Sketch button to draw on the document
  • Click sign to draw your autograph on the trackpad or use your camera to take a picture of your handwritten signature

How to Edit PDF


5 How to Edit PDFs with Windows

How to Edit PDFs with Windows

Microsoft provides all Windows users with the ability to create PDF files from scratch using MS Word. In this case, all you need to do is export your Word file to PDF via Save as, Save and Send, or Share (depending on which MS Word version you’re using at the moment). Find all necessary information on editing PDFs in Word here.


6 Editing a PDF in Ubuntu

In most cases, editing PDF documents on Linux devices requires downloading and installing third-party software. Typically, Ubuntu users choose LibreOffice or another open source application.

Note: Regardless of what operating system you use, there’s always an option to skip unnecessary steps and process your PDF online.

 Editing a PDF in Ubuntu

Join millions of users worldwide that are editing and submitting important papers online by streamlining your workflow with up-to-date document management solutions.

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